As part of the Scottish Civil Society Data Partnership, we developed a research dataset of thirds sector organisations in Scotland. Much of the local data about CSOs, services, and volunteers is brought together in Milo, an online database, knowledge management and reporting platform managed by SCVO. Milo currently contains around 40,000 unique organisational records, covering a range of data from basic CSO profile information to volunteering opportunities and financial information. This dataset is collected primarily for management purposes, and it required significant preparation, cleaning/sanitisation and quality-checking to ready it for research use.

The research dataset was created by merging the records held by the Office for the Scottish Charity Register with an administrative database, Milo, managed by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and used by the 32 third sector interface organisations (TSIs). It records all organisations held on either database, including additional operational sites for registered charities, and voluntary sector organisations that are not registered charities. The methods used to match the databases are described in the documentation. The database is also coded using the International Classification of Non-Profit Organisations (ICNPO) by searching for keywords in the organisation name and/or aims. A geographic identifier (datazone) is given for each organisation, and the relevant Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation Quintile and Rural-Urban Classification is given for this location.

Access the research dataset on the UK data service website