Workshop Three: How can we develop the capacity of third sector organisations to engage with data?

Benefitting from the opportunities of big data requires that third sector organisations have access to the right expertise & resources.


This workshop will explore how well equipped third sector organisations are to collect, store, manage, secure and analyse big data resources. It will also explore solutions to begin to tackle some of the barriers and challenges.

Madeleine Thornton, Buttle UK


Buttle UK provides grants for children living in challenging circumstances all over the UK. As a byproduct of our work we gather masses of data about the families we support and consider it our duty to gain as much value from that data as possible. We see huge potential in the data we gather to help us develop better services, influence policy and practice change for the better and raise funds to help us support more people. But managing, analysing and interpreting that data is a big challenge. Over the past year we have begun experimenting with different approaches, drawing on support from the experts at Datakind UK and their volunteers. I'll be talking to you about some of our experiences along the way and where we plan to go next.

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Georgina Eaton & Tillie Paul, Justice data Lab


The Justice Data Lab is a service aimed at helping organisations who run interventions to reduce re-offending, to move from measuring output to measuring outcomes. The service has been running since April 2013 and has published a number of reports evaluating the impact of interventions run by charities, public and private organisations. The session will cover the main aims of the Justice Data Lab, how it works, how organisations can access the service and our findings to date.

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