Workshop Two: How can the Scottish third sector make best use of Open and Big Data?

Data and Community Action: the Population Projections Project

Tuesday 25th November 2014 Hanover Housing Conference Centre,



Gavin Starks (CEO, Open Data Institute) and Rikke Iversholt (Project Manager, The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services) will be the keynote speakers at a workshop bringing together academics, policy makers and third sector practitioners to explore the relevance of Open and Big Data for third sector organisations.

While Open and Big Data can bring new levels of transparency to economic, social, democratic, and environmental issues, they also give rise to real and significant concerns associated with individual privacy, personal liberty, and data security. This free workshop will explore available data sources and reflect on the opportunities and challenges brought by Open and Big Data.


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Addressing Global Challenges with Open Data
Gavin Starks, CEO, the Open Data Institute