Workshop Two: Using secondary administrative data to explore civil society

Using secondary administrative data to explore civil society  

21 April 2016, Urban Big Data Centre, Glasgow

Workshop 2 on “Using secondary administrative data to explore Civil Society” included talks and networking activities. The workshop aims to bring together experts in ‘administrative data’, and researchers and staff engaged in third sector organisations. It will seek to explain the significant value of administrative data and discuss how it is possible to use administrative data as a research resources.

Presentation materials will include introductions to relevant administrative data, examples of research on the third sector through this approach, and guidance on the process of accessing and analysing examples of administrative data.

The materials from Workshop Two are available here:


  • Presentation  "The landscape of research opportunities with administrative data" Nick Bailey (Univ. Glasgow)   |  Slides_LandscapeAdminData  |
  • Research showcase "Studying social care and healthcare admissions in Scotland - The process of research with administrative data" Feifei Bu (Univ Stirling) |  Slides_FeifeiBu  |
  • Research showcase "Using administrative data to study the financial vulnerability of charities in Scotland" Diarmuid McDonnell (Univ. Stirling) |  Slides_McDonnell |
  • Cafe Conversation  “Coding and linking the MILO dataset”  |  CafeConv_Brook  |
  • Cafe Conversation "Studying patterns in records of investigations into Scottish charities”"  |  CafeConv_McDonnell  |
  • Cafe Conversation "Research in practice at the Administrative Data Research Centre"  |   CafeConv_Playford  |