Workshop Three: Using your own databases as research resources

Using your own databases as research resources

5 Oct 2016, Central Edinbugh venue tbc (0930-1630)

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Bookings are now being taken for Workshop 3.

Workshop 3 on “Using your own databases as research resources" will include talks, guided training in a computer lab session, and networking activities. The workshop aims to bring together experts in using databases for research, and staff engaged in third sector organisations. It will seek to highlight important opportunities and challenges in using datasets, and provide practical help in working with data.


Event schedule (provisional - last update 22 Aug):

0930-1000: Coffee/registration

1000-1005: "Welcome/arrangements" (Paul Lambert, University of Stirling)

1005-1050: "Organisational data as research resources" (Orian Brook, Univeristy of Stirling)

1050-1130: Networking/ideas session: Opportunities in using your organisation's own data for research on Civil Society (S-CSDP Staff) 

1130-1145: Coffee/Tea

1145-1230: Research showcase: topic/speaker tbc

1230-1315: Lunch

1315-1400: "Ideals of good practice in data management and data analysis" (Paul Lambert, University of Stirling)

1415-1535: Guided lab session: "Processing, storing, enhancing and analysing your organisational data for research purposes" (S-CSDP staff)

1535-1600: "Discussion/reflections/networking review/close" (Alasdair Rutherford & Paul Lambert, University of Stirling)


 The event should be of interest to people working with Third Sector Organisations who are interested in finding out more about doing research on the Third Sector. It should also be of interest to academic researchers who study the Third Sector. 

The materials from Workshop Three will be available below.

  • Workshop Slides:
  • Lab Book:  
  • Lab Syntax Files
  • Lab Data files:  
  • Cafe Conversation Posters: