Complete our Third Sector Data Survey

Posted on 27 September 2016 | Alasdair Rutherford

We'd be very grateful if you have a chance to spend 5 minutes answering a survey which is part of research for the 'Scottish Civil Society Data Partnership' project:


The survey is looking into the circumstances and possible challenges facing people who are potentially interested in making use of data about their own or other third sector organisations for research purposes.  It covers a few different things, with a couple of questions that are quite complex, but nevertheless it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete.


 In the S-CSDP project ( we hope to gather information from this and other sources to inform future activities. We'd welcome your comments, and also further feedback from anybody who would like to get in touch with us directly.

 For anybody interested, I would also take this opportunity to highlight that there is still a little time for people to sign up for our immediately forthcoming training activities, namely a workshop in Edinburgh on 5th October ("Using your own databases as research resources"), and two webinars that will take place on 29th September ("Dealing with data: Qualitative and textual data within databases") and 4th October ("Supporting your colleagues through the data analysis process"). Sign-up for all the webinars is available from (under 'events' then 'workshops' and 'webinars' and after scrolling to suitable 'Eventbrite' links).