Scottish Civil Society Data Partnership

Posted on 8 October 2015 | Alasdair Rutherford

We are delighted to announce the Scottish Civil Society Data Partnership, a collaboration between the Universities of Stirling and St Andrews and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. Funded by the ESRC as part of their investment in the Big Data Network, the partnership aims to improve the availability of administrative data about Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), to help these organisations to make better use of the data that they collect, and to facilitate collaborations between academics, CSOs and public sector organisations.

The partnership will undertake four strands of activity:

  • Reviewing data on CSOs held by SCVO, cleaning it, linking in other datasets, and making analysis and aggregation available for research use by third parties
  • Discussing experiences and insights with leaders of Scottish CSOs in order to identify best practice case studies
  • Developing research and data analysis skills in the sector by offering workshops and webinars to Scottish Third Sector Interface organisations in particular, and CSOs in general
  • Gathering interested parties from academia, TSOs, public sector organisations and elsewhere for a series of strategic seminars and thematic round tables in order to develop shared understandings, identify networks and seed future research projects.

More detail about the project can be found on this site and updates on activities, and how you can get involved, will be posted here, and to the thinkdata mailing list.