Work package 4: Developing collaborations to make better use of data on civil society activity

This work package will connect academics, public sector organisations and CSOs to support collaboration in the use of data.


It will aim to foster a shared understanding and seed future substantive research projects making use of the data generated by this project. WP4 will develop connections with civil society policy and practice by brokering meetings with national bodies, civil society infrastructure organisations, Scottish Government and other civil society organisations. The WP will gather information on academics in Scotland and beyond interested in working with Scottish civil society data. It will support the development of the Scottish Third Sector Data Network.  A series of three roundtable seminars will bring together strategic partners, and a ‘roadshow’ series of six workshops will be hosted for public, private, academic and civil society sector organisations that hold relevant data. A major event held at the Gathering Conference towards the end of the project will bring together all partners and interested parties to review state of play, key learning points during the project and next steps in establishing collaborations.