About us

The Scottish Network for Third Sector Data


It exists to link third sector organisations and researchers interested in the collection, analysis and use of data on the third sector in Scotland.

Run by Dr Alasdair Rutherford at the University of Stirling and Dr Eleanor Burt at the University of St Andrews, it provides details of relevant events, training, research and data for the third sector in Scotland.

Membership is free, and third sector organisations, public sector bodies, academics and students interested in third sector data are encouraged to join.

What do you mean by 'Third Sector Data'?


At its simplest this means:
•    Data about the Third Sector (eg., the Scottish Charity Register, MILO data, national volunteering statistics, public trust indices)
•    Data about Third Sector Organisations (eg., finances, HRM data, performance data, user satisfaction data, marketing data, membership data)
•    Data that Third Sector Organisations need in order to to operate effectively  (eg., internal data of the sort mentioned above, external data such as population data or the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, re-offending statistics).

Why should we be Interested in Third Sector Data?

Third Sector Organisations are part of our our economic, social, and democratic institutions. For Governments, for commercial businesses seeking to partner them, for academics and students, for members of the public, and for anyone else involved with or affected by them, including Third Sector Organisations themselves, data shines a light on their effectiveness as well as the opportunities open to them and the challenges they face.